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Christine N. Corbin
ASA Senior Appraiser
ISA Certified Appraiser of Personal Property
Licensed VA Auctioneer #1615

Appraisals since 1988

As the owner of Corbin Appraisal Services, Inc, Christine provides qualified appraisals, and directs a team of independent appraisers and specialists with proven expertise in professional report writing. Christine has appraised presidential collections, major art & antique collections for resorts, museums, historic homes, educational and industrial foundations, handled major insurance damage appraisals and restorations, and had to wear Hazmet suits.

She is enthusiastic about meeting and working with professionals and studying their client's collections. She appraises for equitable distributions,donations, estate and gift tax, sale placement, damage claims, and many additional appraisal needs.

Knowing what is in a client's collection and researching actual sale results also informs clients, who are so inclined, to best sell their collections. Christine is active in the auction and estate sale community and  regularly meets with Specialty Auctioneers and Appraisers from across the country as an agent for clients. She believes that it is the client’s bottom line that is most important and word of mouth advertising has been positively reinforced with higher net returns and happy sellers.

She is a Trustee for the Appraisal Foundation * and has lead The Appraisal Foundation Advisory Council's Personal Property Issues Committee in reviewing and advising the Appraisal Qualifications Board on the updates of the 1998 Qualification Criteria. She is also a member of a special appraisal group/society task force that meets with and advises the IRS on Appraisal Review and USPAP. She is also a member of the Personal Property Advisory Council Task Force through the Appraisal Foundation.

Christine works closely with Trust and Estate Attorneys and Trustees. She testifies frequently in court as an expert witness, works with insurance auditors on opposing sides of the negotiating table, as well as in many other volatile situations. She believes that information, education, methodology  and ethics are the key to valuation.

Christine Corbin served on the Board of Directors of the International Society of Appraisers (ISA) from 2006 - 2011, as Executive Officer 2007-2009. She has been ISA certified since 1999, and ASA Senior Appraiser since 2014.

* Christine was appointed by TAFAC to The Appraisal Foundation Board of Trustees in 2010. She was re-appointed for a second term 2013-2016.
The Appraisal Foundation advises and writes the standards of USPAP  and minimum appraisal qualifications requirements (education and experience). The Foundation is Congressionally sanctioned  and serves to protect the users of appraisals, as well as inform appraisers of procedures and practices in their professional report writing. She is also available to speak to professional groups about USPAP for users of appraisals and serves on the Foundation Personal Property Task Force

Christine began her auction career in 1988 working as Auction Director at Shields Auctions (for George Shields of Danville - VAA president in 1965). Following the move of Shield’s from Richmond in 1991, Christine spent 17 years at Motleys Auctions, as auction director, estate and benefit auctioneer, and as senior appraiser. She auctioned an average of 600 to 1000 objects per month, leaving at the end of 2007 to be an Independent Appraiser.

In 2009 Christine was invited to became owner of SOLD, INC. a Fine Estate Sale company which has served Richmond since 1988.  Christine took over the reins and expanded the business to include Timed Online Auctions, Specialty Benefit Auctions, and Brokerage of Collections.

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